Loose Creative Photography

Loose photography is the term we use for loosely taking photos of anything that may be of visual interest during a shoot. Peruse loose photographed images taken by Fenstar Creative Services photographers.

  • indoor
  • outdoor


Great loose imagery helps make our clients shine brighter.

Loosely taken creative photographic imagery can be used as backdrops, design elements or to add mood to our websites design and printing collateral.

We encourage our photographers to take photos of anything they see as being visually interesting whilst a set shoot is being prepared or when on the fly. If we see something interesting like a rock wall, feature handrail or wooden bench, something that characterises the look and feel of an establishment, something we feel may be useful in the pursuit of unique and visually pleasing graphic design we’ll capture that moment. Around a third of all the images we use for our small business clients are the candid, visually interesting and unexpected opportunities that arise when on a photographic assignment.

So, if you need a professional and reputable Melbourne graphic designer who has a skilled creative photographer on his team contact Andrew Fenton on 03 9844 0660.

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