Graphic Design Portfolio

Peruse some of our creative service work.

  • Manufacturing / Engineering

    ... 4X4 automotive aftermarket, performance vehicle, filter manufacturer, general engineering, ramp manufacturer, transformer manufacturer.

  • Hospitality, Tourism

    ... golf resorts, hotels, motels, sports clubs, bars, restaurants.

  • Professional Associations

    ... cabinet makers, food industry, frame & truss manufacturers, non-destructive testing, timber merchants, tourism accreditation program.

  • Real Estate, Retirement Living

    ... golf real estate, property developer, property development, retirement living, real estate agent.

  • Retail, Consumer Goods & Services

    ... retail optical store, speech pathologist, baby / motherhood products.

  • Other Industries

    ... sports industry, trades, housing & construction, accountancy firm, fish & chips shop, secondary college, laboratory equipment supplier, mortgage broker, rubbish collection service.


Fenstar are professional Melbourne graphic designers at Warrandyte that offer graphic design, web design and related creative services. We help plan, coordinate and execute activities such as photography, printing and website creation for manufacturing, engineering, hospitality, tourism, professional associations, real estate, retirement living, retail, consumer goods, and other industries.

If your small business is looking for a professional Melbourne graphic designer, please take the time to peruse our portfolio of graphic design, logo and website designs. Andrew Fenton (Graphic Designer at Warrandyte) and his team of creative professionals have the skills and expertise to help make your business shine brighter.

Fenstar - Professional Melbourne Graphic Design Portfolio